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Learn is our best-in-class online education and training platform. It is built on a comprehensive curriculum of coursework and personalised assessment through which we offer certification, accreditation, and continuing education for caregivers from all backgrounds. Through our programs of study we are empowering caregivers to support the health, independence, and well-being of older people.

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If you are interested in how best to care for older people, or if you are involved in caring for a loved one, if you would like to become a paid careworker or professional involved in older people’s care or if you are already working in the health or care for older people, the EASYCare Academy will provide you with the knowledge and skills for you to help older people achieve the highest level of independence and best quality of life.

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Introduction to courses

In these Courses you will learn 

  • The principles of personalised assessment in order to identify the concerns of older people about their health, independence and well-being. 
  • The principles and practice of restorative care to maximise the physical, mental and social functioning of the older person.
  • The EASYCare standard approach to the assessment of older people’s concerns and priorities for support. 
  • How to develop community assets and mobilise an effective response to older people’s concerns. 
  • How to assess and support informal carers of older people, building on the positive value carers obtain from their care giving role, while minimising any negative impacts. 
  • An understanding of legislation, information governance and the importance of mental capacity assessment for personalised care.